Obtention of dry extract from aqueous extracts of Justicia pectoralis Jacq. (tilo)

Jorge Enrique Rodríguez Chanfrau, Orestes Dario López Hernández, Yanier Núñez Figueredo, Carlos Rodríguez Ferrada, Antonio Nogueira Mendoza

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Introduction: Justicia pectoralis Jacq. (Acanthaceae), is a medicinal species native to the American tropics. In Cuba it is used in folk medicine in the treatment of nervous disorders. The Cuban Pharmaceutical Industry is working on the development of technological processes for the obtention of pharmaceutical quality raw materials from natural products.
develop a technological process to obtain dry extract from aqueous extracts of J. pectoralis.
a process to obtain dry extract by spray drying from aqueous extract of J. pectoralis was developed. The influence of solid-liquid r ratio and extraction time on coumarin content was evaluated by applying a response surface methodology (RSM). The drying process and later pharmacological evaluation of the dry powder were studied.
results show that solid-liquid ratio was the statistically significant main effect, having a strong positive influence on coumarin extraction in our working conditions. Extraction time and interaction between both factors were not significant for regression models. On the other hand, evaluation of the influence of inert additives on drying s showed that the best results were obtained with the use of 30 % soluble starch, which did not affect sedative activity.
a solid-liquid ratio of 1:20 and an extraction time of 15 minutes were suggested as optimum parameters for coumarin extraction.